KashflowWe are the major partner in Scotland of the award winning Kashflow Accounting Software

At Strong Tower Accounting we encourage all our clients, no matter what size, to use Kashflow, an Online Accounting Software for a few simple reasons:

    • It will save you time (and therefore money)

    • It will save us time (and therefore your money)

    • It is like living in the futureĀ 


We are the major partner in Scotland of the award winning KashFlow Accounting Software. We tailor-make this business tool to suit your organisation's requirements. View this 2:18min video and see it for yourself.


Kashflow offers benefits such as:

Ease of Use

    • Accessible from anywhere in the world Intuitive

    • Interface allowing Multiple Concurrent users

    • Free and Fast Support with No Accounting Jargon.



    • All Data Stored Securely Online and Backed Up Daily.

    • Level of Security comparable with Internet Banking.

    • Financial Information much Secure compared to Storage on Local Computers.


Increased Productivity

    • Create Customised, tailored invoice templates.

    • Simplified Credit Control And Chasing Payments.

    • Automatic Creation of Invoices on Monthly or Annual Basis

    • Insightful Graphical Reports on Aspects of your Business.


Time Saving

    • Reminders by e-mail when an Invoice becomes Overdue.

    • Eliminates Repetitive Invoicing on Customers.

    • Quickly and Easily Generate VAT returns.

    • Respond Quickly to Queries from Home or at the Office.

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